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video marketing

Top Reasons Why Businesses Should Consider Video Marketing

Here’s why your business should look towards video marketing.

So, you run a business. You are thriving in your respective industry and have no signs of slowing down. Your website looks good, the writing is great, and all the reviews seem to point to your business becoming more and more popular.

In this day and age though, everything seems to be run by videos. A video has become a powerful tool and the visual medium is not something to take for granted. Whether it be a 10 second viral video, or something a little longer to really flesh out an idea, video marketing has taken the world by storm.

You as a successful business owner may feel as though things are going well. But why not make them great? Why not push that extra limit and get the most out of your marketing? You want to make more money and you want your business to continue going up. Video marketing is a great tool to utilize so don’t let this fall by the wayside.

Let’s take a look at video marketing and see what makes this form of promotion so great. You as a business owner need to know valuable tools to see success and video marketing is definitely one to not neglect.

video marketing

Top Reasons To Use Video Marketing For Your Business

As you look to grow in business and really give your business that extra boost, knowing the right steps of video marketing will give you the best chance at seeing effective company growth. Here is why.

More Personal

It is one thing to have someone read something on your website to understand your service. You can write a really well-structured piece and offer photos, graphs, and other visuals that help to understand what you are trying to sell. However, it isn’t personal. The customer can’t put a face to the service.

A video allows you to talk directly to the customer. They can see who is behind the business, hear the voice that is making decisions, and trust in the confidence you have when talking on screen. A video is a surefire way to make a connection with someone without ever meeting them because they get to see you in action.

Get More Said In More Time

Video marketing allows you to get more information out there in a shorter amount of time than some writing or other forms of marketing. And it can be more entertaining. What you will find here is that engaging video is easier to watch and share as a viewer and customer because they don’t have to do a single thing. For customers who enjoy reading, sure, a well-written article can go a long way. But for those who just want to scroll and watch videos, you are more likely to reach a larger population this way.

video marketing

Boost SEO

If your website or page has a video, it is more likely going to rank much better online. With the right keywords, tags, and proper descriptions, you will find that search engines are more likely to register you higher given that you have a quality video along with the information. And as we all know, increased SEO means more views which means more business.

Good Return On Investment

If videos help increase SEO, which in turn help increase traffic, which would most likely mean an increase in sales, then overall video marketing has a potential to be a great return on investment. Okay, so you have to put some money up front to produce the video, however, think about what it is worth to do that for the back end profit. A good video and one that is well done and well thought out has the potential to really impact your company’s business for the better, especially with help from a production company who has the necessary tools.

Social Media Presence

While a written article can get shares on social media platforms, in this video driven culture we are in, a video is way more likely to get more shares. More shares means more traffic and more sales so don’t sleep on the value of shareability and what social media can do for you.

video marketing

Hit Those Mobile Users

For most of us, our cell phones are now almost like lifelines. That means so much of the ads we watch are on our phones. Mobile users prefer videos anyway given the size of certain fonts and the nature of scrolling. Ultimately, if so many people are on their phones, you want to hit as many people with your video marketing strategies as possible. If your business targets a younger generation, then you are definitely going to want to make it to mobile users with your commercial.

Video Preference

People are preferring videos more and more every day and if you as a business fail to recognize this, then you are missing out on a large market. People would rather watch a 30 second video than read a 2 page article. Well, for the most part. This is because videos have gotten more entertaining and companies have started having fun with them. People love entertaining content.

The preference for videos has changed the way businesses view their marketing strategy and a basic video may not be enough soon. As people are demanding more and more from their videos and their content, it would seem that video marketing will continue to evolve as well. You as a business should stay on top of this to not fall behind.


Video marketing is something that your business can really benefit from if you are wiling to invest in it. What you will find are likely better rankings which will lead to more traffic and can give you that increase in business and overall profit. If video marketing is unknown to you, don’t hesitate to learn about it for these top reasons above can greatly help your business and put video marketing at the forefront of your success along with your service.

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