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How To Find The Right Video Production Company For Your Project

Get the right company to back you and see your vision come to life.

You got a great idea but you need to find the right production company to help see that vision come to life. The art of producing any visual medium is challenging enough, but the right production company can make the journey feel a lot easier, for they will support and nurture whatever creative vision you seek to accomplish. While it is your vision, unique to your own ideas, collaborating and working with others is the best way to see a great end product. With professionals working with you, and professionals with experience in the field at that, you are well on your way to producing a video you will be proud of.

Some people find it easier to produce a film themselves. While that is a great route to go, you need money, equipment, and the knowledge on how to operate all of the equipment in all three phases of production, being pre-production, the actual production, and post-production. But if you are someone who doesn’t have their own production company, equipment, or funds to produce your own film, seeking outside help is what you need. A production company will bring quality and care to the process with top-tier equipment, extreme knowledge of all three phases, and the goal of making sure the story gets told in the right way.

Let’s get into how to find the right production company for your project so you will have a better understanding of how to go about this process. The benefit to you is that you can explore and find those people you think you would collaborate best with. With the right people around you, your project is destined to be a success.

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How To Find The Right Production Company

Knowing what you want out of your project and out of the production company you choose will better set you up for success. While it may seem like a daunting task to find the right production company, it is possible and just takes knowing what to do.

Know Your Goals

Before you even begin your search, you need to know your goals for the project. Sit down and write out exactly why you want this project to be made. Is it meant to inspire people? Is this for pure entertainment? Are you trying to sell a product? Do you care how many people see it? Is this for fun or to advance my career? The questions go on and on, but you get it.

By making your goals clear to you, you will have a better sense of direction when undertaking this project. The “why am I doing this?” question is important, and the only person who can answer it is you.

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Know Exactly What You Need

Looking for a company that can fit your needs is huge. You don’t just want any production company, but you want one that will nail down and address the specific needs you’re looking for. This takes some time and thinking on your part, but by making a list of exactly what you need to physically achieve your goal is important. Defining your goals is what you want to have happen, but you need to also know exactly what you need to make it a reality.

If you are struggling with things in the pre-production phase, there may be a company that specializes in that and can better assist with things like budgeting and planning. Of course, if you need equipment and a crew to film, there are those companies to help with the production phase of the whole project. Editing and those elements that happen in post-production are incredibly important and working with a company who specializes in editing, sound mixing, and other important aspects of post-production may be something you need done as well.

You may need help with all three and that is another area to look for. But if you know exactly what you need out of a production company, you will better tackle the search to find the right group.

Budget- How Much Will This Cost?

The dreaded money question- what is your budget? The question we all dread for this one reason; we want to make money, not spend it. But as the old saying goes, you have to spend to earn. Your budget is something a production company will ask about so always offer them a range. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, but at least give them a reasonable number.

If you don’t know or are unsure, at least come to the table with something. If a company is willing to work with you, that is a conversation to have. You can always sit down and rework some numbers to come up with a better plan of attack.

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Look At Other Projects

Looking at other projects that are similar in style and tone as yours is important for this will help you find production companies who do what you are looking for. Check out who was produced those videos and do some research on them. Instead of blindly searching for production companies, since there are so many, narrow down the search to those companies who know how to do the style you want.

Network & Seek Advice

Ask around to other people and see who they may recommend. A personal recommendation is worth gold, especially in the entertainment business. There are a lot of people who can do good work. There are plenty of people who can do great work. But there are a few people who can do really awesome work and by networking and talking with fellow filmmakers, artists, and ad companies, you find out who’s hot in the business to make your project a reality.


Finding the right production company for your project can be challenging but it isn’t impossible. Knowing your goals and what you want out of the project is the start and from there, you can narrow the search and find the best company for you. You want a company who will work with you, embrace collaboration, and ultimately create a killer final product.

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