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Best Practices For Making An Effective Viral Video Promotion

Make that viral video happen today.

When we make a video, we of course want that video to go viral. A viral video can reach an incredible amount of people and not only does this boost a potential product or get eyes on great content, but can help elevate your career, especially if video production is something you strive for. While knowing the right steps of video production is important, the final product is what people will see at the end of the day.

A viral video, however, takes more than just having the right equipment. For instance, if your project is larger in scale, bringing on a production company may be useful, for they can help with the project, financially and creatively. While it is possible to create a viral video on your own, the more minds put to work on the idea, the better the outcome may be.

But let’s keep this simple for now and say it is just you creating the viral video. If you are just starting out, the best equipment for beginners is necessary for this will set you up during all three phases and give you the best chance at seeing only the best final product. At the end of the day, once the video comes to life and takes the Internet by storm, that sense of pride in knowing you created something great will not go unnoticed.

Making videos does cost money, however, and knowing your video production budget will better set you up to tackle every phase of the project. A viral video can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. It just takes knowing the right steps and tackling them with ease while also having fun.

Let’s take a look at what makes a viral video and how best to make one. With the right steps and a good plan of attack, you will set yourself for the best gains while taking advantage of the opportunity to get as many eyes on your project as possible.

viral video

What Is A Viral Video Exactly?

We’ve all seen a viral video before. Look at the views and you will see it has thousands, maybe even millions if it really gains ground, while the comment section blows up with opinions, some praise, some criticism. A viral video is simply a piece of content that has reached a large audience and has gained great traction across many platforms. Those platforms on social media are most likely where this will occur, but that is the joy of social media. That we can reach so many people with even the shortest of clips.

Best Way To Create A Viral Video

For those wondering how to make a viral video, some of it comes down to a bit of luck in people enjoying the content and wanting to share. However, much of this comes down to talent, and with the right video, and done well at that, it can reach as many people as possible, hopefully make you money, and stand the test of time as the social media cycle is ever changing.

Knowing Your Audience Is Key

Knowing your audience is important when looking to go viral. If you are promoting a product, don’t try and reach absolutely every person in the world. You will get better traction if your product impacts many people while also being targeted towards one thing. If done well, the group you didn’t intend to target may come around to it since other people are talking about it and sharing it.

Grab The Audience Quickly

Like any good piece of content, grabbing the audience quickly is imperative. Our attention spans are growing shorter and shorter and with so many videos and so much content out there, it can be easy to scroll right past if we aren’t engaged immediately. This goes for scripts, longer form visual content, shorter, more promotional videos, and yes, even your comedic posts that may only last five seconds.

The Shorter, The Better

Again, our attention spans are growing shorter all the time and a video that takes ten minutes to watch may not interest people after minute one. If you think about it, someone could watch ten great videos in the time it takes to watch your ten minute video. If you’ve hooked the audience in, then a longer video may work well for you, but on the whole, a shorter video is more likely to go viral and bring you the attention you want.

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Focus On One Message Or Goal

When we seek to go viral, sometimes we see it as a platform to get many ideas out there. But you need to just focus on one goal and stick to it. If you capture the audience with one goal or message, then it will go viral and you can make plenty more videos in the long run tackling every message you seek to promote.

Formatting Cannot Be Overlooked

Making sure your format is correct is super important because if it isn’t compatible to everyone, then you sacrifice a pair of eyes and ultimately views. Knowing your audience and platform and what they are looking for is key in going viral and some of the backend formatting is just as important as the on-screen content.

Backend & Video Study

Once you’ve published your video, continue to monitor it and see what the stats look like. This will help you create a better next video and subsequent videos after. By studying and keeping tabs on your work, you start to build knowledge and experience into how to produce viral video after viral video.


Creating a viral video is not easy, but knowing the right steps can better prepare you for that viral journey. By knowing your audience and the right platforms, you start to build experience so as you produce more and more videos, you gain traction and the more viral you will get. With the right equipment, proper steps, and work ethic to keep grinding, that viral video will spread like wildfire in no time.

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