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We Specialize in Film, Corporate & Commercial Video Production

The Vladar Company started out as a NYC based video production company in 2008. A passionate team with an interest in narrative storytelling via documentary feature films – we have since expanded our team and expertise to specialize in video production for commercials and corporate video projects. We also continue to produce films and TV shows nationally for some of the biggest brands, streaming service platforms, and networks. Over the time we been able to expand our offices to Los Angeles, Boston, Miami and Austin. As a film production company we have worked and collaborated with media partners and outlets such as Netflix, HULU, Amazon Prime, UFC, and DAZN. Our production services range from creating feature films, full TV shows, and promos across a variety of projects ranging in size and scope – including some of the biggest brands and popular TV shows. Our number one goal is to use powerful imagery into both the artistic and commercial space. Creating, telling, and transforming stories to best suit the needs of businesses both big and small.

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What Makes Us the Best Video Production Company For Your Needs?

It can be challenging to find a high-value commercial video production company with the right experience for your needs. In fact, the process can seem downright insurmountable. That’s why it is most important to break down what exactly a video agency offers in terms of services, experience, and budget. If you feel ready to work with a video production company on your next project – feel free to ask us any direct questions you may have via our contact form. You can also read on to learn more about our general production process.

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A Fully Integrated Global Media Company Producing Results For Brands And Businesses

The Vladar Company has worked with both major brands and local businesses to produce award winning films, television, and live events on virtually every major platform. Our leading directors, writers, producers, editors, and camera operators continue to tell powerful stories and create stunning visuals.

We consider audience engagement a key priority to building brands that last long-term and entertainment that is unforgettable. But we also understand that most businesses and brands have a bottom line. That’s why we work directly with clients to create top notch production at a value to work within your budget. 

No  matter the scope or scale, we pride ourselves on telling powerful stories first and foremost. With offices in New York City, Los Angeles, Austin, Miami, and Boston – Vladar is one of the premiere video production companies in the industry.

Jeremy Scott Green Screen
Jeremy Scott Green Screen

How The Process Works


Ideas & Concepts

Our first step is to connect and understand the mission statement of your project. This can be as detailed or as simple as a singular idea. Our team will brainstorm with you to help develop your project into a full concept including multiple tiered options and budgets.


A Treatment

After locking in a concept and budget, our team will then get to work developing a treatment - a creative and technical blueprint for every beat of the production.



A piss poor pre-production leads to a piss-poor production. That is why we break down every last detail for your project before shooting begins. This includes securing locations, acquiring props, preparing sets, locking casting, and obtaining all necessary equipment to meet the needs of your project.


Production &
Shoot Days

With an entire plan prepared, we can begin actual production and shoot days. Our crews take the treatment and pre-production into action to create stunning visuals led by top-notch direction. Often the shortest, but most intensive, step of the process.


Post Production
& Editing

After completing the shoot, our editors and post-production crew take the raw footage and transforms it into the powerful story that you want to tell. Rough footage is broken down into selects, edited together into scenes, and mixed with music, sound effects, and special effects.


Delivery &

After the final edit has been approved by you, we begin the final delivery process for your project. Our team can supply the final edited project as well as full raw materials for your archives. We can also assist in helping find distribution for your project across various platforms.

Podcast & Webcast Production

In this day and age, podcasting has become a mainstream outlet for telling stories, exploring news, and communicating directly with audiences. We have experience producing and distributing podcasts on popular platforms such as Apple, Amazon Music, and Spotify. We can work with your brand on all aspects of podcasting, from equipment, to production, to post production editing – to create the final product.

Music Video Production

Bring your future hit single to life with a vibrant and attention grabbing music video. The Vladar Company are experienced in planning, producing, and editing music videos that are dynamic – and most importantly – tell a dramatic story. We are happy to collaborate and bring your music video idea to life. Or we can also conceptualize a video for you to best bring more attention to your music. Below is an example of our work:



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