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TV commercial

How To Create An Effective TV Commercial

Nail your advertising with an effective TV commercial.

There were times as kids where we would watch TV and the commercials would come on. We would be so disappointed, thinking about how much we wanted to watch the show and couldn’t care less about whatever “adult” product was being advertised. Except for those toy commercials. Then we would be patient enough to watch.

But someone put time and energy into making that TV commercial and for so many of us now, in our adult years, we seek to produce effective content in order to market or advertise a product or some form of content we wish to sell.

Creating an effective TV commercial takes knowing just what to do in order to maximize the amount of eyes on the commercial, capitalize on the effectiveness of the pitch, and eventually sell the product to as many people as possible while staying in your budget. While an effective TV commercial is absolutely necessary, what you will find is your product is really what matters. It is one thing to have a great commercial. It is another to really market and sell a product that is useful for consumers.

Let’s dive into how to best create an effective TV commercial. For those seeking to monetize off their skills, this is definitely an important skill to know. If you wish to sell a product, then your commercial needs to be perfect. So, while creating an effective TV commercial may seem daunting, it is absolutely possible to get this done.

TV commercial

Best Ways To Create An Effective TV Commercial

Creating your TV commercial can be fun, but it is also necessary in efforts to really maximize your time and final product.

Know Your Idea & Trust It

We all have great ideas. But what separates you from everyone else is that you have put your idea into practice and have started to actually create a product. It is important to know your product inside and out. If someone asks you for a one minute pitch on it, make sure you have a one minute pitch. For those who ask for a longer, more extensive one, make sure you have that to. Trust your idea and trust yourself so when someone comes to you with question, you have all of the answers.

Nail Down A Script

Like any form of good content, a script is required. Of course, this isn’t as extensive as a full feature script, and is formatted differently anyway, but knowing the skills and having the tools to write an effective script are important. This will become ultimately what people will want to see as you progress further into your TV commercial making process.

TV commercial

Look For Production Company Or Make It Yourself

There are two options in this next part. The first is that you look for a production company. What they will do is help with everything from scheduling, budgeting, writing, filming, and potentially the post-production process. Depending on your budget, this may be an option you want to avoid, however, it is always nice to have other creative minds working on your project as well.

The other option is to do this all by yourself. What you will find is it might be challenging at first, especially if you are a beginner, but in the end, the product will be yours only. For this step, be prepared to have all the necessary equipment and tools to move forward with the project.

When Filming, Keep Things Simple

Similar to making a viral video, you want to make sure your call to action is clear and that the video is rather simple. Consumers are more likely to understand what you are selling in a shorter video than something they may have to watch for a long time. The shorter the better, and the more simple, the better.

This goes for your messaging but also for the plot. If your commercial follows something of a story, make this simple and easy to follow. You don’t need complex characters or some grand idea. You want to sell the product and entertain.


When editing, make sure this post-production process is as easy as possible for you. You want to be sure that all your files are saved and organized and that you have the proper editing tools to create a killer final product. At the end of the day, you want people to really enjoy the video so please, for consumers, have the audio and video match.

TV commercial

Know Where You Want To Go

Having a plan of where you want to take your commercial is of course important. If you are making this for social media promotion, then follow what other online commercials and ads do to match that quality and format. If you want this to be on TV, then look at the best ways to get that on. Here is where a production can be helpful with possible connections, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it without.

Get Feedback From Folks

As artists, getting feedback is important for us as we look to continue on our artistic journey. With a TV commercial, polling people and getting their opinions is a great way to tell if it is effective. Ask them if they would buy the product, can they relate, are they entertained, and despite this being an ad, do they find it enjoyable. Any and all feedback is necessary and helpful so don’t think it is a waste of time.


Making a TV commercial can be challenging but it is not impossible. Knowing the steps and how best to make an effective TV commercial can benefit you as you look to sell your product and get as many eyes on it as possible. For the best impact, get feedback and work to take advice from others. Either through watching ads or talking with people, you can create an effective commercial that resonates with all. And have some fun in the process.

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