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Video Production

A Step By Step Guide To Video Production

Follow these steps for the best video production process.

Video production can be challenging if you don’t have the right steps laid out. With everything set up for you to succeed, a step by step guide is exactly what you want to fully take advantage of your video production. The process can be hard, but fulfilling in the end.

Let’s take a look at a step by step guide to video production so you can better prepare yourself for what is to come. By following the right steps, you will have a better idea of how to properly run your video production.

Video Production

Step By Step Guide To Video Production

Here is a step by step guide to get you started on your video production journey. You can operate your production anyway you would like, however, these steps are important for they will set you up for better success come the long run.

Get Your Idea & Research

All forms of video production start with an idea. We can agree on that. Doesn’t matter how it came to you, but you have an idea and you have decided to run with it. But you need a target audience and you need to know what they look for. Doing some research into your intended audience and figuring out specifics of various factors like gender, age, and so on, will allow you to better implement the next part of this which is to iron out your idea.

Coming up with a strategy based on your research and really fleshing out your idea is what is required in order to actually write the script which will serve as the blueprint. Part of this phase is now figuring out why you want to actually produce this content. What is your message? Who are trying to reach? Is it educational, investigative, entertaining, or something else? These questions matter because without them you are at driving down a dark road with no lights. And you need some light.

Video Production

Writing The Script

Any form of video production needs some sort of a script in order to provide the blueprint and overall layout of the idea. This is your chance to put into those scenes you want to see most, those lines of dialogue you think might be powerful, enticing, or comedic, and your best effort to create a character that an actor would want to play. For this step, having a script software is important to properly outline and write the script in an acceptable format for others to follow.

Next part of this phase is to storyboard or lay out the scenes in the order you want to film. Film sets can be crazy and at times may feel unmanageable. But with a tightly run ship and the right approach to setting yourself up, a storyboard can save you time and money by keeping everything on schedule.

Pre-Production Planning & Set-Up

Now comes the logistical part of video production. You have had a chance to be creative and are now seeking to make that vision become reality. In this step, you will need to lock down locations, find actors, get all your props, plan for any weather if there are exterior shoots, make sure your equipment is buttoned up, and any other miscellaneous things needed all while staying within your budget. It’s a lot to do but one you absolutely need to do and cannot actually produce a video without.

If you are working with a production company, they will be able to assist you with this but you have to be sure you are operating within your budget. If you choose to do all of this alone, then you will find that it may be more tedious than originally thought. What you will have to do is plan your time accordingly and most likely look for help from someone you trust just so you don’t get terribly bogged down.

Actually Making The Video

Now the fun begins. This step will see you actually filming and making the video. There are still so many stressors to come up but if you did your pre-production right, then they are few and far between. Now you can play with angles, various scenes, change up some dialogue, and watch that vision go from script to screen. With the right people around you, this step can be fun and will make you want to do it more.

Video Production


Now you have to edit in the post-production phase. This step is important and may be one of the most important because here is where the whole thing comes together. Hopefully you have saved all your files accordingly and are organized because now you have to sync and get all of that into one place.

Having the right editing software is important and will prove to be effective for you can perform many tasks and will be better off in the long run. Here is where piecing together the content, adding graphics and special effects, and any sound will be important for this is now getting closer to that final product.

Get It To An Audience

The hard work is done. You have come up with your idea, wrote it out, planned it, filmed it, edited it, and now it’s time to distribute it. Getting this to an audience is what you have wanted after all. People seeing your work is fulfilling and makes all the headache throughout the process worth it. If it is for entertainment, then let people enjoy what you have to offer. If it is for marketing and promotional purposes, then hopefully you start selling what you seek to promote. In this step, enjoy getting it out there so others can enjoy what you have made.


Video production can be a challenge but by following the right steps, you don’t have to worry. The right approach to video production will better set you up for success in the long run and will make the process seem not as daunting. Plus, you will enjoy it in the process.

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