Code Red: Diaries of Madness Trailer

Generation Iron Releases Official Trailer For ‘Code Red: Diaries Of Madness’

Can one of the most dangerous women in the world transform into a champion bodybuilder?

Generation Iron Network has officially released the trailer for its new feature film documentary, Code Red: Diaries of Madness. Following last week’s announcement of the film’s release date alongside the unveiling of the official poster, excitement for this groundbreaking documentary is mounting. Code Red: Diaries of Madness is scheduled to premiere on all major digital platforms on Friday, April 12, 2024.

Chronicling the extraordinary journey of Cristy “Code Red” Nickel, the documentary delves into her remarkable transformation from a failed Figure bodybuilding competitor to a champion professional boxer, earning her the moniker of one of the most formidable women in the sport. After retiring from boxing, Cristy Nickel leveraged her extensive experience and expertise to create the Code Red Lifestyle program, revolutionizing nutrition and fitness for thousands without the need for supplements or shortcuts.

Despite her renowned no-nonsense approach to coaching, Cristy Nickel found herself facing her own physical challenges in recent years, prompting her to embark on an audacious mission to overhaul her physique within a tight six-month timeframe. Code Red: Diaries of Madness offers viewers an exclusive look into this intense journey, combining footage captured by the Generation Iron film crew with Cristy’s personal video diaries to provide an intimate portrayal of her transformative experience.

Directed by Vlad Yudin, known for his work on acclaimed documentaries such as Generation Iron and Ronnie Coleman: The King, and produced by Yudin and Edwin Mejia Jr., Code Red: Diaries of Madness promises to deliver an unfiltered depiction of Cristy Nickel’s inspirational journey. The documentary will be available for streaming on major digital platforms including Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, and Vimeo On Demand on April 12, 2024.

For more information about Code Red: Diaries of Madness, including pre-order options and additional details, please visit the official documentary website.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness Cristy “Code Red” Nickel’s incredible story of determination, perseverance, and transformation. Join us on April 12, 2024, as Code Red: Diaries of Madness takes audiences on an unforgettable journey.

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