He became a pro bodybuilder. He won numerous world titles. He rose into an icon. Then the whole world turned against him…

Tony Pearson was once called the “Michael Jackson of Bodybuilding” due to his appearance and incredible posing routines. He became an icon that helped define professional bodybuilding in the 1980s.

Now Tony enters his final competition at the age of 63 while also recalling the harrowing child abuse that led to his inner, and ultimately outer, strength. Driven shows how a person can rise above their situation and be stronger physically, mentally and spiritually… simply by picking up a weight.

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  • Rich Gaspari as himself
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger as himself
  • Mike O’Hearn as himself


  • Director: Frank Zarrillo
  • Producer: Dan Zarrillo
  • Producer: Frank Carr
  • Executive Producer: Joey Zarrillo
  • Executive Producer: Edwin Mejia Jr.
  • Executive Producer: Vlad Yudin
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