The Mike O’Hearn Show

The Mike O’Hearn Show is a weekly podcast discussing all things bodybuilding, fitness, and strength sports. Mike O’Hearn has been bodybuilding since he was a teenage over 40 years ago – and is best known for his incredible longevity in the sport. With a claim of being all-natural, his body is considered to be one of the best natural physiques of all time.

It’s this rigorous focus on maintaining not only impressive strength and size – but also health and longevity that brings a unique insight into the world of fitness. O’Hearn has dawned hundreds of magazine covers, acted in both television and film, and competed in multiple bodybuilding and strength sports leagues.

The Mike O’Hearn Show will dive deeper into the trending topics in bodybuilding today, the truth about the past of the fitness industry, and a clear-eyed look into its future.

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  • Mike O’Hearn

Notable Guests:

  • Tommy Chong
  • James Maslow
  • Gunnar Peterson
  • Chris Duffin
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