Pro Tan: Invention Of The Bodybuilding Tan

Believe it or not, the art of tanning is just as important to the sport of bodybuilding as the training and dieting that goes into sculpting the perfect physique. While it doesn’t take the same kind of hard work for the athlete to be tanned correctly… a huge team of inventors and experts work tirelessly to help maximize the look of pro physiques. It’s all for nothing if an athlete’s muscle falls flat under the lighting on the stage.

Enter Stacy Kaufman and Pro Tan – who saw an opportunity to help pro bodybuilders and transformed the entire industry in the process. This short documentary reveals the oral history of Pro Tan and how the invention of the bodybuilding tan came to be as we know it today. More than just tanning oil – its invention is one of family, competition, and a passionate love of bodybuilding.

The Vladar Company was engaged by Pro Tan to create an organic feeling story-focused short film documentary chronicling the life or Stacy Kaufman and the origins of his company – from the back room in a warehouse into a national leading business.




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