Job TitleFinance and Technology Software Developer (Full Time)

Job Duties:
  • Work closely with the business team to design and build technology solutions to achieve more efficient business operation and management and to maximize the company’s profit;
  • Managing the financial solution development process from feasibility study to implementation;
  • Developing appropriate software solutions to build area integration: enable budgeting, quantitative data analysis, and financial intelligence;
  • Analyzing business requirements for financial reports / processes and system integration considerations to determinate appropriate technology solutions and computational algorithms for internal and external customers;
  • Testing and using new GUIs (Graphic User Interface) and processes for online financial system and performing detailed use case scenarios;
  • Developing unit and integration tests and tools to verify system correctness and ensure quality design;
  • Developing and managing schedule for project: including allocation of development resources, deliverables, risks, issues and timelines;
  • Reviewing progress of development to ensure compliance with overall design parameters and development standards;
  • Developing new software capability to meet customer needs and resolve customer issues;
  • Writing user documentation;
  • Documenting financial system development and help maintain revision history;
  • Develop scalable and flexible blockchain solutions to speeding and simplifying cross-border payments;
  • Develop smart contracts with Solidity to enforce the obligations of all parties acquiring and distributing entertainment content.  
Education: Bachelor’s degree in Finance Engineering or Finance
Prior Work Experience: 24 months of experience must include at least 12 months of work experience as investment/financial analyst and at least 12 months of work experience as software engineer designing, developing, and maintaining Python based software solutions and web applications, writing tech documentation and testing experience for the financial sector, and blockchain solution development.
Special skills: Minimum 12 months exp. in Python, Pandas, Numpy, BeautifulSoup, SQL database, Django, Django REST, Mustache templates, HTML/CSS, and JavaScript/JQuery, Linux  Shell Scripting, Git and Bitbucket.
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