Bigorexia Trailer


Bigorexia explores the mindset of bodybuilders who believe they will never be big enough.

Generation Iron Network has released the official trailer for its latest documentary release Bigorexia. You can watch the trailer above. The film will be available on digital in October 2020.

In the ongoing pursuit of greatness, bodybuilders continue to push the boundary of size and mass. But for a small number of athletes, there is never an end in sight. They will never be big enough. Like some form of reverse anorexia, muscle dysmorphia is a psychological condition where a person always feels too small when they look in the mirror. It’s most commonly referred to as – Bigorexia.

Bigorexia the film explores the physical and psychological depths of muscle dysmorphia through the eyes of five subjects in the bodybuilding industry. Featuring Zac Aynsley, Janae Kroc, Craig Golias, Kirill Tereshin, and Amazonka among others – Bigorexia uncovers the inner most details of how this widespread disorder changes every element of a person’s lifestyle and includes discussions with athletes, doctors, and scientists around the world.

The documentary explores a wide variety of permutations for the psychological disorder including synthol abusers (often referred to as “synthol freaks”), mass monster bodybuilders, morbidly obese subjects, and surprisingly smaller individuals with a Men’s Physique aesthetic. Despite being smaller in size – they still are unhappy with the conditioning and muscle development on display. No matter how perfect these people may look, no matter how large they become, nothing is enough.

Bigorexia will be the most comprehensive bodybuilding film exploring the inner depths and psychology behind many bodybuilders. Even bigger than the industry itself, it sheds light on an often overlooked psychological condition that has a deep and lasting impact on the individuals who suffer from it every single day.

Past the glory and the dedication towards perfecting our bodies – Bigorexia reveals the sometimes ugly truth that can turn even a traditionally healthy endeavor, such as fitness and bodybuilding, and turn it into a darker world of isolation.

Bigorexia will be available on all major digital platforms October 2020. For more information, visit the official Generation Iron website.