-- Who We Are --

The Vladar Company is a fully integrated global media and communications company that produces content for film, television, and digital platforms, as well as immersive experiences for brands and live events.

With branches in New York and Los Angeles, Vladar is a premier company with over a decade of industry experience. We produce award-winning content across all platforms of media. We develop, create and produce transformative campaigns for major brands, award-winning films across a range of genres, TV series for networks, digital platforms, and experiential sporting events.

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Media Partners

CBS Sports
Hearst Media

-- Our Brands --

Generation Iron Network is the first-ever digital space for Bodybuilding, strength sports, and fitness enthusiasts – merging entertainment content.
Generation Iron is a leading publisher providing in-depth service-minded coverage of trends in the world of health and wellness, professional workout tips, reviews on top brands, and contest coverage of the latest fitness and bodybuilding events.
Generation Iron’s experienced staff produces award-winning original programming, films, and sports documentaries that you can watch right on your computer, tablet, or smartphone while giving the viewer access to the biggest stars of bodybuilding and an inside view of their world.
Strength Wars

A widely popular digital brand, competition show, and clothing line. Strength Wars pits two muscle and strength athletes against each other in a collection of strength exercises across multiple disciplines. Bodybuilder vs Strongman. Powerlifter vs Gymnast. The best athletes in the world are put to the test like never before.

The Strength Wars league was also adapted into a feature film documentary titled, Strength Wars: The Movie. Collecting eight of the most elite athletes across different strength training disciplines – the film follows the lives of each competitor as they prepare to battle in a knockout tournament to determine the strongest person in the world.

GymFuckery SQUARE

GymFuckery is a content aggregate and licensing brand that archives the strangest, funniest, and most shocking gym and bodybuilding videos that reveal the true weird factor that exists in the dark corners of the fitness world.

GymFuckery collaborates with leading entertainment brands to provide licensed archival content for such series such as MTV’s Ridiculousness and TruTV’s Top Funniest.

Vlad Yudin

Director/Executive Producer

Vlad Yudin

Vladar - Co Founder - Edwin Mejia Jr

Executive Producer

Edwin Mejia Jr.

A fully integrated commercial and feature film production company.