The Generation Iron podcast took an hiatus, but now it’s back with a vengeance!


01 Jun The Generation Iron podcast took an hiatus, but now it’s back with a vengeance!


The bodybuilding world houses some of the greatest athletes in the world, all of them individuals willing to make sacrifices to be the best at what they do. Its a community that emphasizes hard work, dedication and pushing yourself past your limits. But the bodybuilding world also has a complex underbelly, one that is rarely discussed. Bodybuilding is a world that holds its fair share of secrets, secrets that many athletes and officials rather not discuss. The fans are eager to see what’s behind the curtain and Generation Iron is excited to provide that with their new revitalized podcast.

The Generation Iron Fitness Network is all about bringing the masses new and polished content, all of it hard hitting, raw, real, and uncut. The new and improved podcast features veteran and aspiring bodybuilders looking to put their stamp on the sport in their own way. Competing is just one way of getting into the hearts and minds of fans. But these athletes are looking to do more than just compete and train. Speaking about the realities of the sport is equally important to ensure its growth.

Partnered with CBS, the new Generation Iron Podcast will be raw and uncut – talking about the realities behind the industry that most pros wouldn’t dare touch. No dancing around the questions, this podcast will respect the fans by giving them the straight, and often blunt, truth about bodybuilding.

Led by Generation Iron’s brand new hosts: Steve “The Ram” Silverman, Sherrvell “Miss Boss” Johnson, and Lanae “Rock Hard Bunny” Jensen – expect the most insane, balls-to-the-wall bodybuilding podcast you could ever imagine.

The Generation Iron Podcast will be premiere on June 8th and broadcast every Wednesday. Available on, CBS’s Play.It network, and on iTunes.

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