Generation Iron 3


Generation Iron 3The Vladar Company and Generation Iron Brands begin production on Generation Iron 3

Screen Daily has reported that The Vladar Company has started production on Generation Iron 3. Once again featuring some of the greatest bodybuilders and industry experts of past and present, this time the film expands it’s story globally. Traveling across the world (countries & continents featured include: India, Brazil, Europe, Africa, Canada, and the US), Generation Iron 3 interviews and follows bodybuilders, trainers, experts, and fans to determine what the universal ideal physique should look like. With so many divisions appearing within the bodybuilding leagues – what body type should be championed as the absolute best in the world?

Generation Iron 1 was an inception, and the re-introduction of profession bodybuilding to the masses. Generation Iron 2 focused on progression and expansion of the fitness industry. Generation Iron 3 will be a journey through the world of bodybuilding in search of the perfect physique, discovering new movements in this interesting and extreme sport”

Vlad Yudin shared with Screen Daily, the director of the Generation Iron trilogy and founder of The Vladar Company. The Vladar Company’s Edwin Mejia, Jr also states,

“It’s an incredible time for us, as we continue our global expansion to audiences everywhere. We have proven successfully that we can produce and distribute independently of any studio in-house. We are redefining the idea of studio releases, with a true indie’s spirit; further reaching around the globe on all platforms to enthusiastic audiences. The world of film is changing and we are excited to be on the forefront of it.”

The original Generation Iron film highlighted a new generation of competitors (the top seven bodybuilders in the sport), whose focused passion was to become the greatest and win the Mr. Olympia competition. Generation Iron 2 revealed the further expansion of the bodybuilding industry, how the Internet changed it, and how athletes were finding new ways to push the limits of physique perfection. Now Generation Iron 3 will attempt to finally answer the ultimate question – what is the ideal and perfect physique?